5 Reasons Why These Alpaca Socks Are Crushing Wool Socks In Every Category. Here's Why:

Adventurers everywhere are ditching their wool socks and choosing a longer-lasting, more reliable, higher quality, overall softer sock. Here are five reasons why Hollow Performance Alpaca Socks are taking over the trails, roads, and mountains.

1. 3x Warmer Than Sheep’s Wool

Think of it as insulation for your feet. Since alpaca fibers are hollow, they provide an amazing barrier between your feet and the elements, no matter the condition - keeping your feet warm in the cold (up to 3x warmer than sheep’s wool!).

2. Stay Dry And Stink Free

Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fibers contain keratin, a protein in hair that provides antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It can also up absorb to 30% of its dry weight in moisture while quickly wicking it away from your skin. These amazing properties are what help keep your feet dry and stink-free all day long.

3. Loved In All Fields

Hollow Socks are proudly made in the USA, utilizing some of the most modern manufacturing techniques available. Tested on the job, in the woods, on the slopes, and on the trails, Hollow Socks are cut out for the toughest jobs and the wildest adventures.

4. No More Itch

The softest socks in the world (in our very humble opinion) come from alpaca. Because of their fiber size and lack of lanolin, the finished product has a much smoother feel compared to wool. Hollow Socks glide across your skin like butter and are proudly itch-free.

5. Test Them Out For 30 Days

Ready to give Hollow a try? We’re confident that you’ll never want to set out on another hike, ride, or job without them. If for some reason you find that alpaca socks aren’t right for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So what do you have to lose?



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