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Alpaca fiber is an incredible natural, sustainable fiber that offers a lot of technical advantages over wool socks and absolutely crushes synthetic sock fibers. Alpaca socks may be new to a number of people and is often associated with being a winter only option.

Did you know?

Alpaca wicks moisture exceptionally well and ultimately a dry foot is what leads to a comfortable sock experience no matter the temperature.

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Whether you’re hiking in the heat or hunting in below freezing temps, alpaca fibers have thermoregulating properties to keep your feet at the perfect temperature, no matter the conditions.



Alpaca fibers are extremely water resistant, and dry much faster than merino when wet. Because alpaca fibers are hollow, moisture can’t saturate through them, so it has nowhere to go except to evaporate. Keeping your feet dry from rain, sweat, or snow.

Extreme Comfort

Alpaca fiber is one of the softest, most loftiest, natural materials available. Unlike other types of wool, alpaca does not produce lanolin oils. Lanolin oil is a wax found in merino that makes the material feel itchy. Because there is no lanolin, alpaca fibers are hypoallergenic and itch-free!