Hollow Alpaca Socks

Why We Believe in Alpaca Socks

If you're looking to finding a truly great sock for work and play - guess what? We did the work for you because that was OUR GOAL!

But why?

After working all day in a typical office setting I found that the pacing, the walk to the coffee machine, the endless meetings, all of those steps added up. Getting home and finding your work socks were completely soaked with sweat led to having to switch socks to get a workout in, after the workout, yup - likely another pair of socks needed. Turns out many of us burn through 3 pairs of socks PER DAY. 

Experimenting with wearing athletic socks to work led to literally zero improvement - still sweaty messes hanging off the ankles. OK, now we have a problem that needs to be solved. Let's get to work!

Ordering samples of all types of materials, from all corners of the earth and testing, testing, testing socks every single day. Taking note of how much our feet were sweating, how itchy the socks were (or were not), how they stayed up on our calf (or not) and on and on and on. Taking a deep dive on socks reveals that a lot goes into making a sock and there are a lot of elements to consider when trying to make a truly great sock.

After all the testing, we had a clear winner with alpaca. We ordered a bunch of alpaca socks and almost all of them were fairly junky in terms of the construction of the sock, but the material itself was amazing. It's hypoallergenic, it did great with temperature regulation (warm and cold weather the same), and it was largely comfortable. 

Those early testing socks feel far short in regards to performance. They were not built for all day adventures mountain biking or trail running etc. They were built to wear to church and come home, that's about it. 

We tried getting some prototypes made and eventually we found a really really great sock that was made of alpaca that we could use to create our sock from. 

After some back and forth we got our sock nailed down. We sent samples to athletes to get feedback and testing done by our ideal customers in their own homes. Washing and drying alpaca socks can be a chore, but our socks hold up just fine. Natural fiber socks often burn through the heels or toes, but our socks were lasting through plenty of abuse. We had a great sock, reviews from testers were coming in with glowing reviews. People were even wearing the socks for 4-5 day camping trips and they were not even smelly! Unreal.

Off to Kickstarter:

Kickstarter Sock Campaign

We nailed it! We sold over $35,000 in socks during a 30 day Kickstarter campaign. We shipped a month early and we got a bunch of new fans for Hollow Performance Alpaca Socks.

Did we reach our real goal?

Did we create a sock that lasts all day long? A sock that moves from work to workout seamlessly.


How do we know?


There is simply no better way for us to tell you about how great these alpaca socks are than to show you our reviews. Look at them, study them and realize these are all 100% authentic reviews from people just like you who were looking for an exceptional sock.



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