Hollow Alpaca Boot Socks

Why Are Alpaca Boot Socks a Must-Have?

All hikers, hunters, runners - anyone who love to spend time outdoors- knows that their favorite activity can be pretty rough on the feet. Without proper footwear, you can sustain some severe injuries. However, when it comes to footwear, it’s not *just* the shoes we’re talking about. It’s the kind of socks you wear.

When picking socks, it’s a good idea to opt for alpaca boot socks. Just like the name suggests, these socks are made from the wool of alpacas. These are the fluffy and friendlier animals that inhabit some pretty extreme conditions in their  native region of South America.

Alpaca boot socks are perfect for a number of outdoor activities, no matter the weather conditions. The fiber of alpacas is naturally softer than the wool gathered from sheep, and it’s more durable too. In fact, it offers you the following perks:

Easy to Buy

Many people think that alpaca boot socks are expensive and hard to find, which is why they usually don’t bother to get them. However, you can easily find alpaca socks for sale online. Buying from an online retailer ensures that you get them at pocket-friendly prices, but please beware of the content of those socks. Hollow Boot socks are 70% baby alpaca, 27% nylon and 3% spandex and those percentages make a huge difference in performance.

Hypoallergenic In Nature

Socks made from sheep wool can contain lanolin, which is a natural oil found in it. Many people can be allergic to lanolin, which can cause rashes, itchy patches and discomfort to them. For such people, wearing wool socks might be a huge issue, and they might rely on synthetic options.

Luckily, alpaca wool does not contain lanolin and is completely hypoallergenic in nature. You can wear them without any worries. The soft, comfortable material ensures that even your pre-existing skin condition is not aggravated by wearing them.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

Sweat and moisture collecting in the feet can be a severe issue. When trapped in the warmth of a shoe, the moisture makes it more likely for one to develop fungal foot conditions like athlete’s foot. Bad foot odor can also be attributed to moisture in the feet, particularly sweat.

If you want to reduce the bad odors and maintain the health of your feet, it is a good idea to get alpaca boot socks. Alpaca wool has moisture-wicking properties and only holds and absorbs 8% of moisture. In contrast to this, sheep wool socks hold and absorb 30% of the moisture.

Perfect for Cold Days

If you like jogging and hiking during the winter, cold feet can be a significant issue. Hands and feet are the first areas of the body to lose heat, and keeping them warm is essential, particularly on an alpine hike. For this reason, instead of layering your socks, try some alpaca boot socks as an easier, more cost effective solution.

The wool in alpaca socks is hollow, which allows it to retain heat and keep your feet warmer for much longer. Available in varying thickness levels, these socks can be perfect for keeping your feet toasty and warm even during the coldest hikes.

If you’re looking for the best quality alpaca socks on the market, get in touch with us.

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