6 Reasons Why Thousands Of Hikers Are Switching To Hollow’s Alpaca Socks

★★★★★ 200+ 5 Star Reviews

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1. Dry Feet, Better Adventures

Alpaca fleece can absorb 30% of its dry weight in moisture while remaining dry to the touch. It effectively moves moisture away from the skin to the fabric's surface for evaporation, making it ideal for various conditions such as rain, snow, and sweat.

2. Say Goodbye To Blisters

Alpaca fiber's soft texture and superior moisture-wicking ability absorb friction within its fibers vs. transferring to the skin, preventing painful blisters from forming.

3. Unbeatable Comfort & Softness

Alpaca fibers offer superior comfort and softness without the prickle of sheep’s wool Plus, the excellent temperature regulation, perfect crew sock cuff and height, they will keep you comfortable for miles.

4. Enhanced Temperature Regulation

Experience year-round comfort with our crew Hiking Socks made from alpaca fibers! Their hollow core helps regulate temperature, making them breathable and perfect for any weather.

5. Odor-Resistant

Alpaca fibers contain keratin, a protein that provides antifungal and antimicrobial properties, making them less smelly than sheep's wool socks. You can wear them longer between washings, making them the perfect choice for outdoor activities.

6. USA Made & Built To Last

Hollow Socks are built to last and are proudly made in the USA utilizing some of the most modern manufacturing and testing methods available. Our alpaca fibers has tensile strength up to 50N/ktex which is 25-30% stronger than Merino wool.

Thousands of Happy Customers

We designed Hollow Socks to enhance your adventure and here’s some of what our customers have to say about us.

What a great company

“These feel great in both warm and cool weather conditions. No odor detection after many hours of wear.”

★★★★★ Charles S.

Super comfortable

"These are the most comfortable pair of Alpaca socks I have worn yet."

★★★★★ Jeremy M.

Hollow socks are the best, period.

"Great socks with quality. Great fit and they kept my feet dry all day."

★★★★★ Steven M.

BEST socks I’ve ever worn.

"Love the way they fit, and are so comfortable."

★★★★★ Jerry L.

Test Them Out For 30 Days

Ready to give Hollow a try? We’re confident that you’ll never want to set out on another adventure without them. If for some reason you find that alpaca socks aren’t right for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So what do you have to lose?



★★★★★ 200+ 5 Star Reviews