Hollow Alpaca Running Socks

Performance Implications of Running Socks

Can the right sock help you run further, or run faster?

We don't think much about socks. We think more about the the color or the style of sock much more than the actual purpose or performance of the sock. Maybe it's time to think for a moment about how pivotal of a role the sock plays especially in sports.

Here are 3 ways socks can impact your running performance.

1. Dry Feet 

Sock manufacturers are constantly touting their latest science experiments as the key to wicking moisture away from your feet. They will test, make and name these technologies all sorts of ways to do what? To maybe perform as well as natural fibers already do...that's what. All the plastics used in their socks are simply trying to match performance already offered by wool and alpaca, naturally.

Next time you head out for a run, take note of the sock when you get back. If it is wet, would you have gone for the extra 3 mile route? Not likely.

A wet sock at the end of your work day, or workout sucks. It drastically reduces your ability and desire to keep going. Having a dry foot is something you don't actually notice. You just keep on doing what you are doing when you have a dry foot. You don't stop to think about how well your gear is performing. It's just performing, which is allowing you to stay focused on running further, faster.

Having a dry foot is a key component of running performance. Hollow alpaca socks are designed to deliver on dryness above all else. We use alpaca because it is simply the best fiber available for wicking moisture away from your skin and transporting it to the outer layer of your sock where it can dry off.

2. Fit

At Hollow, we focus on performance much more than style. Someday we'll make super fun, crazy looking socks, but for now we are intently focused on designing the best performance sock available by using premium materials like Baby Alpaca. But we also need to make sure the sock feels nice and doesn't give up on you throughout your day. We blend the alpaca fiber which is working so hard to keep your foot dry with nylon and spandex to keep the sock in place and performing predictably. 

Our socks provide a subtle amount of compression and are designed to be athletic fit. We want them to hug your calf or ankle firmly so they don't drop or sag. There is nothing worse than a sock you have stop and futz with. You will not stop your run or ride to pull up your Hollow socks. You keep running, we'll make socks that stay right where you put em!

3. Cushioning

The amount of cushion is highly personal and depends a great deal on your shoes actually. If your shoes are tighter some cushioned socks may seem like they have too much or vice-versa. We strive to provide cushioning where it is needed and give you room to breath where it makes sense. Our alpaca socks are cushioned with the sports enthusiast in mind. We're not making dress socks, we're making performance oriented alpaca socks. Our cushion is emphasized through the sole of the foot and arch. We taper the cushioning in the toes so you can have room to wiggle and again in your heel. Your heel is pretty tough and cushioning doesn't do a whole lot except potentially provide you with an unsteady, unreliable surface, that's not ideal for running and that's why we don't overly cushion the heel. Just the right cushion in just the right spots.


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