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How to Pick the Best Running Socks

What makes a really good running sock?

Ask anyone how to pick the best running socks for you, and they mostly mention a sock that fits you well. While it’s true that nothing can be more annoying than having your sock come loose while you’re running and have it slide down your foot inside a shoe - what other factors are there to consider?

The Importance of Picking the Right Running Socks

Many people often consider socks to be secondary accessory. In fact, some people even go jogging without their socks on. As long as you picked out the right shoe, you have nothing to worry about, right? That’s not exactly true.

Good running socks are just as vital as your shoes because they keep your feet in healthy condition. An ill-fitting or poor quality sock can cause the following issues for you:

  • Toenail issues
  • Blisters
  • Fungal infections
  • Other foot issues

All of these can seriously compromise your ability to run, and if you’re training for a marathon or to go on a trek, this is the last thing you want to worry about. With the right pair of running socks, you can easily traverse the most difficult terrains without facing any foot issues.

Which Running Socks are the Best For You?

Unlike what you might think, picking running socks can be a bit complicated, particularly for beginners. Many will often use their regular cotton socks for this activity, but that’s a huge no-no. Cotton is a delicate material, and while it is moisture-wicking, it does not have the durability that other sock types can offer.

Synthetic fiber socks are another option that should be avoided. They are breathable and moisture-wicking, and some can be durable as well. Colorfastness is a typical failure point with synthetics - they look great for a few wears, then break down rather quickly. 

In fact, the best socks, in our opinion, are alpaca wool running socks. That’s because they are able to seamlessly deliver everything you look for when you’re picking a running sock. Don’t think so? Take a look at the following factors:

Moisture Wicking

One of the best things about alpaca wool running socks is that they are moisture-wicking fabrics. While it is a given that all-natural fabrics have moisture-wicking properties, alpaca wool is at the top of the list. As compared to sheep wool or cotton, alpaca wool only retains about 8% moisture and is quick to dry. (AOBA fiber study)

Moreover, they prevent unpleasant foot odors and are more breathable than other types of socks. Compared to synthetic fiber socks, these are a much better option for your feet and they are more sustainable to boot.


Additionally, alpaca wool socks are also more durable than cotton and sheep wool.  The hollow fiber of the alpaca wool allows them to be a stronger tensile than other options.

Well-kept alpaca wool running socks can be a great addition to your wardrobe, and they are straightforward to look after. Machine-washing them is not an issue, and they also retain their shape and desirable qualities even with a little bit of rough handling. Unlike cotton, they are also not as prone to developing holes or losing their shape especially when blended with modern sock manufacturing techniques as well as incorporating a bit of spandex and nylon to offer a performance fit and feel.

Available in Different Lengths

Alpaca wool running socks are also available in different lengths. These are perfect for comfort and also tie in with the personal preference of the runners. The following are the main types of alpaca socks that you can find for running:

  • Below-the-Knee Length – These socks cover the calf and rest just below the knee.
  • Crew Length – These cover the mid-calf, but some also cover the entire calf.
  • Ankle Socks – These only come up to the ankles, as the name suggests.
  • No-Show Socks – These only come above the shoe-line.

You’ll be happy to know that, based on your preference, you can find Hollow alpaca wool running socks in all of the categories mentioned above. 

Consider Compression

If you like using compression socks, you can also find running alpaca compression socks for yourself. Compression socks are popular because they increase blood flow as you walk around. With their help, you are able to effectively improve blood circulation during your events.

Many people also believe that it helps them to improve recovery from their strenuous workout routines. So, if you are getting compression socks, it is a good idea to opt for running alpaca compression socks for yourself. With their help, you can not only benefit from having good quality running socks but can also get compression benefits as well.

We don't specifically advertise our socks as compression, but we think if you were to compare the feel of our socks with most compression socks, it would be hard to tell the difference. Making medical claims is not something we are interested in at the moment.

Thickness Can Vary

When most people think of alpaca wool socks, they naturally tend to focus on the thickness alone. Wool is a thick fabric, and many people assume that it is best suited for winters only. However, alpaca wool is a flexible material, and when spun properly, it can be of varying thickness. 

This means that even during the sweltering summers, you can wear alpaca wool running socks. This enhances the flexibility of wearing alpaca wool socks. The best part is that you can buy thicker ones for colder weather and have thinner ones for summer without any worries.

Given these factors, it is clear to see that alpaca socks are the best option. Moreover, they are not as expensive as people assume them to be. In fact, a good pair of alpaca socks is equal to the price of synthetic fabric socks.

Buy the Best Quality Alpaca Wool Running Socks

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