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5 Myths You Might Have Heard About Alpaca Socks

Are you interested in buying alpaca socks, but keep putting it off? Then, you might be doing that because of the myths surrounding these socks. Despite being such an everyday accessory, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the use of alpaca fibers to create socks.

To remove this doubt and to help you understand more about this material, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some myths about alpaca socks and the truth behind them.

Myth 1 - Alpaca Socks are Luxury Items

In the past, many people have often believed that alpaca socks are a luxury item or that they’re expensive. However, this is not true at all and is highly dependent upon the kind of wool socks you are getting. Yes, 100% alpaca wool socks can be extremely expensive, but their price is still lower than cashmere socks and most people believe are actually better quality.

There are many blends and varieties of alpaca wool socks that you can pick and choose from. These ensure that you can buy alpaca socks at different price points without any worries. Based on the budget you have, you can easily pick out socks that are durable, comfortable, and high quality without paying exorbitant prices for them. We focus on creating the BEST alpaca socks on the market, not the cheapest. These socks will be with you for years and years, so a one-time investment in quality alpaca socks makes sense.

Myth 2 - They’re Not Meant for Hiking

Another common misconception is that alpaca socks are not meant for hiking. While many alpaca wool socks can be used for dress wear, they are also great for physical activity (assuming the fibers are manufactured and blended correctly). In fact, you can even find alpaca wool compressions socks that keep your feet healthy and support proper blood flow, our socks are considered mildly compressive.

When it comes to hiking, alpaca socks are the best because they are moisture-wicking and are less absorbent than sheep wool and are more comfortable and durable according to numerous studies performed by Yocom-McCall. For this reason, people love to get alpaca wool compressions socks for their hikes. When kept well and looked after, these socks are also very durable and can last you a long time - perfect for long hikes in nature. Dry feet is so important for hiking and alpaca delivers incredible moisture wicking.

Myth 3 – Harvesting the Wool Harms the Alpacas

Since not everyone knows the process of harvesting wool from alpacas, a lot of people believe that it is done unethically or in a manner that harms them. However, alpaca wool harvesting is as harmless as shearing of sheep. They are not hurt in any manner, and the best farmers keep their alpacas happy and free from harm. It's in the farmers best interested to keep the alpacas happy and healthy.

Additionally, ethical retailers like us take pride in working with brands and businesses who ethically source the raw materials. We do not support the unethical harvesting of alpaca wool.

Myth 4 – Alpaca Wool is Itchy for Skin

Did you know that some people are allergic to wool? This is because of the lanolin that is naturally found in it. It can cause rashes, itchiness, or dryness of skin for some people. However, this is a quality that only sheep wool has. Alpaca does not contain lanolin oils at all.

Alpaca wool is noted for being hypoallergenic and does not aggravate or harm the skin. If you’re looking for socks for sensitive skin, you can’t go wrong with alpaca wool socks. The compressive nature of our socks help to improve blood flow to your vessels. This makes them extremely beneficial for your foot health and also great socks to wear when exercising all day long.

Myth 5 – Alpaca Wool is Only for Winter

This is another myth that people tend to believe in alpaca wool socks. Many opt for woolen socks only during the winters. However, alpaca wool is 10% lighter than other fabrics, including cashmere. It is also known for having semi-hollow fibers that allow it to create natural air pockets that cool our body down by wicking sweat away from your skin. 

On hot days, the alpaca socks can make you feel cooler, whereas, on cold days, it can trap heat and insulate a person properly. How is that possible? Because a dry foot is much better at temperature regulation and our socks help your body do its own cooling and heating in accordance with your footwear and your overall environment. With these qualities, alpaca wool socks are a great addition to your wardrobe. Their flexibility also means that you can use them for any activity with ease. 

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