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Premium Shipping Protection

Premium Shipping Protection

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Product Benefits and Details

Sizing Guide

Medium: Men 8-10 (US) | Women 7-10 (US)
Large: Men 10.5-13 (US) | Women 10.5-12 (US)
XL: Men 13.5-15 (US)

Fabric & Care Instructions

Care recommendation:
Wash cold, hang dry - (note: machine washing and drying tests have shown no damage).

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The Benefits
Alpaca Fiber
Sheep Wool
Stays Dry for 24+ Hours
Hypoallergenic + Odorless
Optimized For All Temperatures
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    Water Resistant

    Alpaca fibers are naturally hydrophobic, meaning they repel moisture and even when wet they dry faster.

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    Alpaca fibers have a higher tensile strength than merino, meaning they can stand up to more pressure or tension before breaking.

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    Alpaca is lofty and fluffy to the touch, giving it a close resemblance to cashmere while being strong enough for any activity.